President's Message

The Ashland Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors announces the cancellation of the 2020-21 season. This difficult, but what I believe to be a timely, practical, and ethical decision was made with an enormous amount of research done by our Executive Director, Martha Buckner, input from musicians, and in light of the ever-fluctuating demands put on arts organizations by the coronavirus pandemic.

We want to remain faithful to the five conductor candidates. To ensure the future excellence of ASO, we want each of these five gifted conductors to present themselves to us under optimum conditions, in the venue in which ASO is blessed to perform, and with sufficient audience support to evaluate and inform our choice for the symphony’s future.

We also have an ethical commitment to our musicians, their health and well-being, and their optimum performance opportunity under the best conditions with our five candidates. We are grateful for our musicians’ continuing commitment to ASO.

We have an extraordinarily faithful group of supporters (you!), and we are counting on you supporting us throughout this hiatus of performances. So to all of you, my deepest gratitude and respect for staying true to your commitment to our beloved Ashland Symphony Orchestra, to its history, its excellence, its uniqueness in the greater Ashland community, but now especially, to its future.

Faithfully yours,
Tom Snyder, President
Ashland Symphony Board of Directors

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