Dynamic Duos

With Vijay Venkatesh at the piano and Repper on the podium, this dynamic duo will delight you with Clara Schumann’s piano concerto. Friends since childhood, Venkatesh and Repper were neighbors and took piano lessons from the same teacher. Clara Schumann was a child prodigy, completing her concerto and then performing it at just 14 years old. “It is a work with memorable themes and a sunny vision throughout.” (Quote – Steve Arloff) The other half of the Schumann duo, Robert was inspired to write his Symphony No.3 after a trip to the Rhineland with his wife Clara. This journey was a happy and peaceful trip. He incorporated elements of the journey and portrayed other experiences from his life in the music. The tunes from both Schumanns are sure to stick in head, be it the incredibly virtuosic concerto
or the sunny and dancelike symphony!

The Elizabeth Pastor Series of Guest Pianists

Piano Concerto, op.7, A minor – Clara Schumann
    Vijay Venkatesh, piano
Symphony No.3, op.97, E-flat major (Rhenish) – Robert Schumann


Guest Artists
Vijay Venkatesh
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